about Dr. Anisa Quadir


Dr. Anisa Quadir graduated from the University of BC Dental School in the early eighties. After a brief stay in Hazelton she settled in Abbotsford, where she built a thriving family practice which she subsequently sold.

Throughout Dr. Quadir’s career her primary focus has been to develop a stress free pleasant experience for every patient, in a family centered practice, which welcomes all ages. She particularly enjoys the children who visit the practice and finds it very rewarding when she can calm an anxious child and ensure their returning.

Dr. Quadir continues to keep ahead of developments in dentistry by her involvements in continuing education courses which has included prosthodontics, endodontics, and aesthetics, She has also experienced in using Botox for facial esthetics.

Dr. Quadir has extensive experience treating mentally and physically challenged people. Their dental treatment is done primarily at local hospitals. She currently retains hospital privileges in Maple Ridge hospital, Abbotsford hospital and at the Blaylock Surgical Centre which is a private facility.

Outside of the office, Dr. Quadir loves to travel, enjoys the outdoors and spend time with her daughter who manages to always keep her mum’s life busy.